About Building A Better Bensalem Together

Board Member (from left to right): William Bennett, Melinda Gordon, Toby Kahn, Cheryl James, Sister Patricia Downs, Tammy Wood, Michelle Benitez, Jacqui Owens, Yolanda Robinson, Frederick Harran.

Founded in 1998, Building a Better Bensalem Together (B3T) is a volunteer community coalition that plans and organizes, and participates in various events, activities and programs throughout the community. Some of those events include:

  • Unity Week
  • Holiday Pancake Breakfast
  • Red Ribbon Week Internet Safety programs for parents

and many others.

Through our Drug Free Communities Support Program Grant we coordinate the Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) groups at both Bensalem Middle Schools.

Mission Statement:

“The mission of Building A Better Bensalem Together is to unify the community by building partnerships to enhance community relations and providing programs and resources to address community needs.”

Vision Statement:

Building a better Bensalem today… ensuring a quality tomorrow.



Are You B3T?

  • Are you a PARENT who wants to ensure your children and their friends are safe from drugs, bullies, and other dangers?
  • Are you an EDUCATOR interested in evidence-based prevention programs?
  • Are you a PUBLIC OFFICIAL committed to reducing drug abuse and crime?
  • Are you a TEEN who wants to make the healthiest choices for your future?
  • Are you a BUSINESS PERSON who wants to do business in a safe and vandalism-free environment?
  • Are you a POLICE OFFICER committed to preventing crime?
  • Are you a FIRE FIGHTER interested in stopping fires caused by vandalism?
  • Are you a SOCIAL SERVICES WORKER committed to supporting youth and families?
  • Are you a YOUTH WORKER who wants to ensure that youth are engaged in healthy activities?
  • Are you an EMS WORKER interested in preventing the drug and alcohol carnage you see?
  • Are you a member of the CLERGY who wants to help your congregation find solutions to family problems?
  • Are you a RETIRED PERSON who has talents and skills to share?
  • Are you a PERSON who wants to be the change in your community

The Diversity Committee Objective:

Promote Diversity and Harmony throughout the Bensalem Community.
UNITY WEEK – was started 15+ years ago (As of September 2019).

In the last several years approximately 8-13 houses of worship have opened their doors each year, beginning on MLK day, to Bensalem’s diverse population. Each house of worship presents a half-hour service, which includes details about their faith, and all attendees are invited to share in a fellowship meal/refreshments.

Each year Unity Week’s attendance increases. We learn about our neighbors and realize some similarities in our many diverse backgrounds.

In October 2014 we collaborated with Shafer Middle School’s Diversity Club to sponsor a successful “Cultural” event.. On Tuesday Oct. 27, 2015 we presented our 2nd Cultural Celebration Event @ Shafer MS.

In 2017 we created a B3T Community Action Committee. This committee organized a nondenominational prayer service in November 2017 and another in May 2018.

Diversity Committee:

Rev. Kenneth Wonderland
Pastor Lugenure (Jean) Davis-Jones
Pastor Sandra Brown
Pastor Alice Ann Bonham
Beatriz Salamanca
Tasneem Kaleem
Sharon B. Durham
Mary Ann Griffin
Rowayda Jaaf
Michelle Saldutti
Ron Davis
Hassan Mulholland
Fatima Mulholland

Executive Board Members:

Fred Harran: Chair
Bill Bennett: Co-Chair
Toby Kahn: Chair Diversity
Cheryl James : Public Relations
Bill Bennett : Membership
Tammy Wood-Moghal: Member at Large
Michelle Benitez: Member at Large
Jacqui Owens : Chair Youth Advisory Committee / Secretary

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Check out our website @ http://www.bensalemB3T.org and find us on Facebook.

Our email address is B3Tcoalition@gmail.com.

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For a printable copy of this page, click HERE.

Building a Better Bensalem Kids

B3TKIDS volunteered as servers for the Bucks County Performing Arts Institute fundraiser.